Journal of Biourbanism

Journal of Bio Urbanism (JBU) is peer-reviewed international online journal of architecture, planning, and built environment studies. The journal aims at establishing a bridge between theory and practice in the fields of architectural, design research, and urban planning and built environment studies. It reports on the latest research findings innovative approaches for creating responsive environments, with special emphasising human aspects as a central issue of urban study and architecture.
Topics covered:
  • Sustainable Architecture and planning
  • Design learning strategies
  • Morphogenetic Design
  • Biophilia and Urban Planning
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Participatory design and planning
  • Peer to peer urbanism (P2P)
  • Multicriteria Analisys for urban planning
  • Landscape Ecology and planning
  • Urban greenery
  • Ecological networks
  • Land Suitability Evaluation
  • Renewable energy
  • Strategic Environmental Planning
Prospective authors should note that only original and previously unpublished articles will be considered. Interested authors must consult the journal’s guidelines for manuscript submissions at  Instructions for Authors prior to submission. All article submissions will be forwarded to members of the Editorial Review Board of the journal for double-blind, peer review. Final decision regarding acceptance/revision/rejection will be based on the reviews received from the reviewers. All submissions must be forwarded electronically.
All submissions and inquiries should be directed to the attention of:
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Books Review
JBU regularly receives books for review from leading international publishers. If you are interested in reviewing any of these books please contact the Reviews Editor directly: Please include a copy of your CV.

JBU is an official pubblication of International Society of Biourbanism.

Editor in Chief: Eleni Tracada, University of Derby, UK
Co-editor: Dr. Alessia Cerqua (Italy), Dr. Stefano Serafini (Italy), Dr. Archana Sharma (USA)

Advisory Board
  • Albertazzi Liliana, University of Trento & Member of Centre for Mind and Brain (CIMeC) Italy
  • Michel Bauwens, Chiang Mai University,Thailand
  • Harald Bodenschatz, Technische Universitaet Berlin, Germany
  • Bizzarri Mariano, La Sapienza University, Italy
  • Michael Batty, London University, Directors of the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA).
  • Adrian Bejan, Duke University, USA
  • Jaap Dawson, Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands
  • Carlos Gershenson, University of Mexico
  • Alessandro Giangrande, Roma Tre University,  Italy
  • Svetlana K. Gural, Tomsk State University, Russia
  • Besim  Hakim,  American Institute of Certified Planners, USA
  • Sergey N. Kharlamov, Tomsk Polytechnic, Russia
  • Sylvie R. Lorente, Duke University’s Pratt School of Engineering, USA
  • Michael W. Mehaffy, Centre for Environmental Structure, Europe
  • Ashraf M. Salama, Qatar University, Quatar
  • Nikos A. Salingaros, University of Texas at San Antonio, USA
  • Giuseppe Sermonti, University of Perugia, Italy
  • Yodan Rofé, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
Editorial Board
  • Maria Bostenaru, Ion Mincu University, Romania
  • Leonardo Marotta, Istituto Universitario Architettura Venezia (IUAV) – Venezia, Italy
  • Elena Mortola, Roma Tre University,  Italy
  • Silvia Rapicetta, Indipendent Researcher, Italy